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Why choose us?

The Perfect Plan

Mike Cusack Homes has a saying “The perfect house begins with the perfect plan”. The perfect plan starts with all the time we spend together looking for ideas from previous homes we have designed, from pictures and from our time together answering questions about the different design options that are available. We make it our goal to translate our conversations about your perfect house into a functional floor plan that reflects your family’s needs and lifestyle. We consider it very rewarding to help our customers with their home remodeling by putting together all the pieces of their dream home in Dallas TX.

Our design-build process gives the best we have to offer to our customers from the design staff to the subcontractors and vendors until we have completed the construction of their new home. When you start working with our team of craftsman you will notice how comfortable you feel discussing the project, whether it is discussing options for trim work, paint colors or placement of electrical plugs and switches. No matter what part of the house that you may have questions about we make ourselves available to our customers. Mike Cusack Homes is all about being accountable to the customer’s visions of the perfect house from design to the finished product.

The perfect plan should always reflect the characteristics that define a particular style of architecture. We always capture those little nuances that are unique to a particular style of home design. We have even gone so far as to send a couple to New Mexico to bring back ideas to decorate their Santa Fe style house. We also have another saying “Its all about the house”. Please know that if we are fortunate enough to earn your business we will work hard to make sure that you are not disappointed.

Accurate Budget

Mike Cusack Homes prepares a construction budget for each house plan based on the time that we spend in meetings with our customers. We take into account every single aspects of pricing that will go into the home remodeling. We will make appointments for our customers with our vendors so they will feel comfortable with the various selections on their allowance schedule. We use real numbers for flooring, cabinets, lighting, and appliances until we have priced all the items on the allowance schedule. Our construction budgets are usually accurate to within 2- 5% depending on the home. We encourage our customers to put extra money in the budget for allowances to avoid any overages. Most other builders do not provide enough allowance money to pay for all the various items on the allowance schedule, leaving the customers to write a check for the difference and that’s when the dreaded CHANGE ORDER pops up. Mike Cusack Homes wants the experience of building a home with us to be an enjoyable experience.

We believe that an accurate budget will accounts for all the expenses during the construction of the house and that helps maintain a low stress level which is why most of our customers still maintain a relationship with us; they still call us and get help with various projects in and out of the house. As a builder it is rewarding to know that you have given the customer a good building experience and that they still call when they need advice.

Mike Cusack Homes would like to speak to you about the remodeling of your dream home. Let us explain our design process and answer questions you may have.

The perfect plan should always reflect the characteristics that define a particular style of architecture. We always capture those little nuances that are unique to a particular style of home design. We have even gone so far as to send a couple to New Mexico to bring back ideas to decorate their Sante Fe style house. We also have another saying “Its all about the house”. Please know that if we are fortunate enough to earn your business we will work hard to make sure that you are not disappointed.


Things Hidden

We believe that a well built house is one that starts from the ground up. What goes under the ground is just as important as what goes on top of the ground. I think the same can be said about the scene behind the scene. Every customer wants to see a great looking finish out with lots of ornamental trim work, carved corbel accents, faux finished walls but the customer also wants to know that those things that are hidden are built just as well as those things seen. Through the years of trial and error we have developed an approach to building process that is worth talking about and that is the fact that the things that are hidden are more important than the things that are seen.

A well built house starts under the ground so we pay extra attention to what gets covered over, little things like covering all copper water lines with thick foam wrapping to avoid leaks that otherwise would occur when the concrete rubs against the water lines, most of the other builders use the red and blue plastic that slips over the water lines to identify hot water lines from cold water lines. We inspect our foundation work prior to the concrete placement to make sure there are no cut water lines or busted sewer lines. Our inspections process comes from the city building department, third party inspectors, and the plumbing contractor and of course the builder. Once the slab is poured and the house is framed we carefully look for crooked studs, any piping or cooling lines that may have been hit with a nail during construction then we use shop vacuums and remove all saw dust and debris from all wall cavities, then the house frame is treated with a boric acid spray to deter termite and other wood eating insects.

The frame is completed now we go to the part of the building process we consider one of the most important processes, the air and water proofing of all windows doors, chimneys and flashing. One thing that gives builder nightmares is a water leak, so we take a lot of extra care to place rubber flashing tape on all windows, doors chimneys and flashing locations. The wide spread use of this rubberized flashing will eliminate troublesome leaks of any kind.

Remember that the devil is in the details. We pay attention to the little details that is the difference between us and the volume builders. The goal of Mike Cusack Homes is to build our customers a house that will bring years of lasting quality and years of enjoyment for the family. Everyone can recall at least one home building horror stories, but you won’t hear them from our customers because we take just as much pride in the things that are not seen as those cosmetic things you see everyday.

Visit Mike Cusack Homes and let us tell you what is different about our building process. Our houses are well built inside and out.


We Are Here For You

The builder and customers relationship does not end when the keys are passed from the builder to the homeowners; in fact it is just the beginning of part two of the relationship. The vendors, the subcontractors and the builder will be available to help with any and all issues that may arise after the move in. The homeowners may rest assured that when they need us for any reason we will only be a phone call away. Usually after a new owner moves in there will be a need to talk to the builder for Q and A time, all they need do is call the builder on the cell phone, that’s right just call the builder on his cell phone. You may schedule a time for the builder to come over shortly after move in to address any problems that have been found and we will send over the necessary people to address the problems. The most common issue that arises is nail pops and hairline cracks in the sheetrock and in the woodwork. Those issues will be repaired at the end of 11th month after move in. The small issues in the sheetrock and woodwork are common issues do to the initial settling of the wood framing and the operation of the HVAC system. The HVAC system will draw moisture from the house and the wood building materials used for the construction of the house will contract causing slight cracking in the trim work and drywall. We wait until the end of the first year because generally after the first year those issues disappear.

All of our customers can take comfort in the fact that if an issue does arise in their new home they will receive prompt service from our skilled craftsman. You call and we come, it really is that simple. Everyone at Mike Cusack Homes appreciates the trust and faith that all of our customers bestow in us and we do not take that trust lightly. We will be there in times of trouble. We have plenty of past customers that will qualify that statement. Most of our past customers still call us from time to time to ask questions and get advice about the house and we are happy to maintain that relationship. We look forward to hearing from you for any project that may have planned for the future.


Our passion

One thing you will notice from the very first time we meets our customers is our passion for building beautiful homes. We show our enthusiasm from the beginning while we listen to the vision of your dream house. It is easy to see that our level of enthusiasm is matched only by our customers’ enthusiasm. Mike Cusack is always available to meet with the customer a share his views of how the customers might best achieve the look that is desired. At Mike Cusack Homes we are at our best when we have customers that are willing to share all their passion and excitement for the home they want to build, we feed off of all the positive energy that is generated from a great plan design. Once we buy into the customers dream of the perfect house we do not rest until we have fulfilled every last detail of that vision. Our great passion is building and remodeling gorgeous homes.

Mike Cusack Homes is a detail oriented company, it is of course all the little details that make a house what it really is and that is a work of art. We think a house should have great curb appeal but that is only the beginning once you enter a home built by Mike Cusack Homes you are breathless with anticipation of what is around the corner. A house should have a great flow, great features that showcase its style of architecture. It is easy to see what drives us and that is our passionate desire to build a house that exceeds all of our customers’ expectations.