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Our Process

Work Process

We have simplified the process of building a new home or remodeling into three easy steps.

If you would like a more in depth and step by step process click here.

Set Budget

At Mike Cusack Homes we are committed to deliver our customer the house as we designed it and to come in on budget.

Plan Development

Creating a custom floor plan means that you are involved every step of the way. We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.


The quality of Mike Cusack Homes is not just in the finished product. It can be seen every step of the way. Quality that is meant to last.

Getting Started On New Home or Remodel

Pre approval and plan design

First things first, you should visit a financial institution and get pre approval for the house you wish to build. In the past I have worked with clients who visited the architect and started to design their new home and afterwards could not obtain financing. Once financing has been approved then design the house with a budget in mind

Budget and Contract

The builder and the customer will have a meeting to discuss various finish out and design aspects of the house. You may wish to consult a decorator for this process. Once all the details of the selection process have been completed the construction budget will be prepared and discussed. After the budget has been agreed to by the builder and the customer a contract will be prepared and signed. The contract and budget will be taken to the bank for the financing.

Engineering and Permitting

A soil test will be done in order to examine the soil condition of the lot. The soils test will be given to the structural engineer along with a copy of the blueprints so that the foundation plan can be designed. Once the engineering has been done these documents along with the blueprints will be taken to the city for permitting.


Your lot will be graded and placement of the house decided upon. Form boards will be set and piers will be drilled and poured. Next the plumber will put all the underground pipes in place. The foundation will have rebar or cables put in place and the pre pour inspection will be done by the city and once the green tag has been given the slab will be poured.


The frame will be erected and the rough for the plumbing, HVAC and electrical will be installed. As the builder I like to walk the house with the customer and the electrician to go over the placement of all plug, switches and fixtures. Inspection will be done by the city and the foam insulation will be installed

Cabinet selection and drywall

The builder, customer and the cabinet man will walk the house and layout the cabinets. At this point the customer will discuss all aspects of the cabinet design such as paint or stain grade and species of wood. Hang and finish the drywall.

Doors trim and paint

The builder and the customer will meet and discuss all door and mill work selections. The next step may be one of the most crucial selections of the finish out, the builder; customer and the paint contractor will choose paint and stain colors. Once the colors have been chosen samples will placed on the walls and trim for approval. Then a stain sample will be applied on a piece of the wood used in the cabinet construction. This is an important detail because it is very difficult to get an accurate color sample otherwise. After the trim doors and paint samples have been approved then trim is installed then painted.


Tyvek house wrap will be installed. Brick, stone and mortar color will be chosen. For house with a stucco finish we will use the same process for choosing paint colors. The stucco contractor will have a color sample for each color selected and the customer will approve the colors to be used for the exterior finish.


Carpet, tile and hardwood will be selected and installed. Granite color will also be chosen at this stage.


The walk-thru will be done and all issues will be addressed. All touch up paint will be done. It is customary for a second walk thruogh between the builder and the customer in order that you are completely satisfied that all issues have been addressed.

Move in

The move in is when we walk the house and answer any operational question you may have about the various systems in your new home. The customer receives all keys and may take possession of their home.