Detailed specifications

As a part of our design process, Mike Cusack Homes prepares a very detailed list of specifications. Specifications will cover all of the items considered to be allowances and all other materials used during the construction of the house. This process will allow us to accurately price the construction cost of your new home. The specification sheet will detail everything from the PSI. of the concrete, the gauge of electrical wiring used, what type of framing material will be used for wall studs, sheathing and on down the list until we spell out all the details of the construction materials used the on the house we build for you.

The specs sheet we will go over with you will be more detailed than most builders offer because we feel that an informed customer is a happy customer and happy customers are good customers. As the homeowner becomes familiar with the construction process and the various materials used throughout the house there will be fewer misunderstandings. Open and honest communications between the builders and the customers makes a very pleasant building experience.

The specifications go room by room and cover thing like paint colors, lighting, door knobs, hinge colors until every detail throughout the house has been discussed and put in writing. The written specifications will be discussed and any questions will be answered and if necessary changes will be made to the specifications so that both parties are satisfied with all the details of the construction process, then both parties will sign the specification sheet. Once the specifications have been agreed to then the construction budget will be finished. The specifications along with the construction drawings and the construction contract make up the construction documents.

Mike Cusack Homes invites you to give us a call to discuss your design and build project or custom remodel.