Change Orders

The part of the building process that no one wants to talk about is the need for a change order. The reason no one likes to talk about them is the unpleasantness that arrives from the additional cost required when a change order is used. Changes Orders are required when any changes are made to the construction drawings or specifications that result in additional expenses or overages on the allowance schedule. Whenever a change to the plans or the specification is requested by the customer then the changes will be priced and a written change order will be made. Once the customer agrees to the additional cost of the change order the work will be started. In some cases the construction will necessarily stop until the change order is priced and signed. In accordance with the construction documents all change orders must be paid for before any related purchases or work will be done.

Our goal at Mike Cusack Homes is to avoid unnecessary change orders by thoroughly and completely discussing the building process and all the various option available for the construction of your home. As the builder we want to make sure that the customers receive all the needed information from the vendors during the selection of the allowance items. This will eliminate most misunderstandings and help avoid any overages in the allowance schedule.

We invite you to call Mike Cusack Homes to discuss the various architecture style and options available for the construction of your new dream home.