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Building Your Dream

Building your Dream

The builder and customers relationship does not end when the keys are passed from the builder to the homeowners; in fact it is just the beginning of part two of the relationship. The vendors, the subcontractors and the builder will be available to help with any and all issues that may arise after the move in. The homeowners may rest assured that when they need us for any reason we will only be a phone call away. Usually after a new owner moves in there will be a need to talk to the builder for Q and A time, all they need do is call the builder on the cell phone, that’s right just call the builder on his cell phone. You may schedule a time for the builder to come over shortly after move in to address any problems that have been found and we will send over the necessary people to address the problems. The most common issue that arises is nail pops and hairline cracks in the sheetrock and in the woodwork. Those issues will be repaired at the end of 11th month after move in. The small issues in the sheetrock and woodwork are common issues do to the initial settling of the wood framing and the operation of the HVAC system. The HVAC system will draw moisture from the house and the wood building materials used for the construction of the house will contract causing slight cracking in the trim work and drywall. We wait until the end of the first year because generally after the first year those issues disappear.

All of our customers can take comfort in the fact that if an issue does arise in their new home they will receive prompt service from our skilled craftsman. You call and we come, it really is that simple. Everyone at Mike Cusack Homes appreciates the trust and faith that all of our customers bestow in us and we do not take that trust lightly. We will be there in times of trouble. We have plenty of past customers that will qualify that statement. Most of our past customers still call us from time to time to ask questions and get advice about the house and we are happy to maintain that relationship. We look forward to hearing from you for any project that may have planned for the future.