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Accurate Budget

Accurate Budget Development

We will use all the information that was gathered during the development of the house plans to start the construction budget. The construction budget will put a price tag on all the various components of the construction process. The items listed in the construction budget will take into account engineering cost, permitting fees, labor, materials and in particular all items pertaining to the allowance schedule. The allowances schedule is an accounting for the allotted funds that will be used by the customer to buy things like but not limited to appliances, lighting fixtures, carpet, and tile and of all the items in the budget this is where overages come from. At Mike Cusack Homes we realize the tendency to change allowance selection so we spend a little more time discussing these choices in hopes of avoiding overages. In consideration of this fact we suggest an allotment of additional funds to help with last minute changes.

Our construction budget covers everything that goes into the construction of your new home from A-Z. Our years of experience and expertise help us to craft a budget that will assure the customer that the house they designed is a house they can afford.

Mike Cusack Homes takes a lot of time working with our vendors and subcontractors to make sure we offer our customer the best value of price and quality. Our customer should know that our budgets are usually accurate to within 2- 5% unless the customers exceed their allotments on the allowance schedule or there are changes made during the construction process. A change order is used when the customer makes a change to the construction drawings or has an overage on the allowance schedule. Our budgets are very accurate because we spend a lot of time discussing the various options that may be used in the construction of their new home. The time we spend in meetings discussing the specifications of the house will allow us to make an accurate construction budget that will assure the homeowner that they will get the house that we designed and committed to build for them.

At Mike Cusack Homes we are committed to deliver our customer the house as we designed it and to come in on budget. So feel free to make an appointment to discuss your dream home.